Animal Patterned Fabrics – Faux Pas or Ooh La La?

Animal Design Fabrics are enjoying a renaissance of late as the technology in making high quality Faux Fur continues to improve.

In the early days of Faux Fur production many of the fabrics were based on the more traditionally reproduced animal patterns such as leopard, tiger, zebra etc. Often these were rather garish and soon gained a somewhat brassy and downmarket tag.

Animal Design Fabrics are enjoying a resurgence in faux fur fashion, but now also in products for the home, particularly sofa and bed throws. Modern fabrics in this vein tend to emulate animal-style patterns but in a much more subtle style, without relying on being totally faithful to “real” animal patterns or colours. The result has been a number of exceptional new fabrics which are designed also to complement the colours of contemporary living. The results can be striking and sophisticated – or at least we think so!

Colombian Ocelot ComforterWild Savannah Faux Fur Throw