Buy from a Specialist

It's not surprising that faux fur has become a mainstream furnishing fabric in recent years; the softening, cozying textures it adds to any room are adored by all. It's not surprising then that many online retailers have added a fur throw or two to their range of winter goods, many with tempting offers. 
But buying a faux fur throw isn't quite the same as buying a new iPhone.The latest iPhone in silver will be the same whether you buy it from retailer X, Y or Z - all that then matters is price (and maybe how quick you can get it!). In faux fur, there are no generally recognised leading world brands, so it's hard to tell exactly what you may be buying. And the comparative quality of products being offered is not easily distinguished from online images.

Our business was established in 2004 and, as the largest UK-based online specialist retailer, we know our products, intimately and are more than happy to offer advice regarding fabric choice, colour, texture and sizes. With a very large range of faux fur throws to choose from, our personal service is available, should you need it, to ensure that you end up with the faux fur throw that's right for you. We supply throws in the finest quality faux fur fabrics available anywhere in the world, and we can guarantee that they are 100% artificial, animal-free, though you may struggle to believe it is not the highest quality real fur. We can also make throws to custom sizes in a wide range of fabrics.

We offer a fast fabric swatch sample service, so that you can see and feel the colours and textures of the large number of fabrics being offered. If you need any help with choosing samples to look at, please give us a call, or send us some images of your room and we will be more than happy to offer suggestions.

But it doesn't stop there. If you are not satisfied with your choice, even after getting fabric samples, then we will arrange for collection and exchange or full refund at no cost to yourself. Furthermore, our products come with a unique two-year guarantee. We confidently expect that many will last much longer with care - our goods do not fall into the category of disposable homewares.

Finally, the vast majority of products we sell are UK designed and made* . These small businesses contribute to UK employment and pay their fair share of taxes to the benefit of us all.
* a small number of exceptions clearly marked on the product page. These products are UK designed, specified and quality controlled, but made in China, to ensure that we can compete on price with some mass-market products being widely offered.