Can We Hear Wedding Bells?

If you are a bride planning on wedding or are a professional dressmaker with a deadline to meet, then chances are you will be designing and making gorgeous gowns but don't forget that it is the accessories that make the final look complete and faux fur is big news in the bridal couture world this season. We have got loads of accessories in a range of colours to give you the ideal choice...

Can We Hear Wedding Bells?

One fabric that is absolutely ideal for a wedding is faux fur, a material that has seen a steady growth in popularity over the last year, appearing in all sorts of guises on haute couture catwalks and Hollywood red carpets. It's perfect for weddings as it combines an exciting vibrancy with a bit of extra warmth to combat any unruly weather! 

  • Extremely versatile, faux fur can be used in all sorts of exciting ways to bring a flamboyant touch to the bridal gown. Headbands, scarves, purses, handbags and even hats are all designed to make the bride look gorgeous while keeping her warm in the fresh spring air!

  • With a rich colouration, the synthetic material is much more robust and resistant to stains than its natural counterpart, as well as being completely cruelty-free

  • All of our faux fur is of the very highest quality to suit the importance of your big day

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