Faux Fur Throws Ltd - free returns with PayPal scheme

This is BIG news! Get free returns for most online purchases by registering for the scheme and paying with PayPal, which is a standard payment option on our website. No catches, no fees (but please read the simple and reasonable conditions when you register!). Not just for Faux Fur Throws Ltd - applies for ANY online retailer offering PayPal as a payment method.

REGISTER HERE : https://­www.­paypal.­com/­uk/­webapps/­mpp/­refunded-returns

PLEASE NOTE:  Under this scheme you must submit a claim online to PayPal, the cost of the claim if successful is paid by them and not by us. We will not underwrite this if your claim falls outside the simple, fair and uncomplicated conditions set by PayPal.

We will of course, continue to arrange returns at no cost to you if:

  1. We have supplied faulty goods, or goods different to those ordered in error OR
  2. If you have taken the trouble to order a fabric sample of the item in question but are still not 100% happy upon having received it.

For further information please see our Terms and Conditions.