Free Returns; Not That You're Likely to Need Them!

When PayPal came onto the scene, it revolu­ti­onised the way people think about spending money on goods and services online, making the whole process quicker, easier, safer and more open. It is such an integral part of so many people’s lives now that we take it for granted but it is still capable of getting itself noticed…

PayPal free returnsPayPal is and has for some time been a standard payment option for the faux fur magic provided lovingly by us to you; our whole customer service attitude is about comfort and indulgence, not just our products! And so providing the PayPal option was just one more way in which we could make ordering from us even more convenient and enjoyable.

Now, we are happy to announce that there is another benefit to registering with PayPal if you haven’t already: you can get free returns for most online purchases! There aren’t any hidden catches or fees to pay and you could be set up with just a few clicks. Even better, any retailer accepting the PayPal method will do the same.

We are also happy to say that this is our least-used service. That’s because our customers usually adore their new faux fur product and wouldn’t dream of parting with it once they have it in their clutches! Also, we offer a free sample service so that you can experience the magic for yourself if you’re torn between a sumptuous shortlist of designs or colours.

PayPal set out a short, clear set of rules that merchant and customer agree on and claims submitted for returns will be paid by them, not the merchant. We work strictly within PayPal guidelines and do not underwrite any claims that fall outside their clearly-defined boundaries.

That said, we are the original Customer Service Comforters and will continue to arrange returns at no cost to you if there is even the slightest problem in quality or order correctness. Unless you are 100% happy( and 101% comfortable, we will not rest until you are.

So register for PayPal today and fund your faux fur fun the easy way!