Have YOU Got Hygge? Find Out HERE...

There are lots of words that enter the English language unchanged and just as they are due to there not being a single-word translation that is quite accurate enough to exactly define its meaning: think feng shui from the Japanese or the curious Schadenfreude from German. Widely agreed as having the very best quality and standard of life in the world, it will not be surprising that the Norwegians and Danes have given us the latest of these words: hygge, meaning… well, what exactly?

The only place to go when you need a word defining is the authoritative Collins English Dictionary, to which the word hygge was officially entered last year. The Collins defines hygge as “a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote wellbeing” - the compilers of the dictionary liked it so much that they gave it second-place in the Word of the Year competition (second to ‘Brexit’!). You can also use the word as a verb as in “let’s go hygge” and that is certainly an invitation we would like to hear.

So, how do you get a bit of hygge into your life? Well the first thing to do is set to scene. Think soft, cuddly, cosy and welcoming; use these keywords to inform your stylistic choices. Faux fur, with its deep, plush softness and rich, attractive colours, is the perfect start and a faux fur throw can give you instant hygge in your home! Draped like liquid silk over your comfiest couch and strewn with faux fur cushions, positioned invitingly before a faux fur footstool and beanbag… well, you get the idea of how fabulous it’s going to be.

The colours of hygge are striking yet soft; the rich tones of nature. Our current bestselling faux fur throw is in a gorgeous Chocolate Truffle hue and is an ideal choice of colour, along with Alpendorf, Creme Caramel and Vanilla Chocolate Swirl. Check out our full range of colours and don't forget you can order fabric samples to check out the quality for yourself.

You’ll want lots of scented candles, some very good wine, a big box of chocolates and some unobtrusive yet stimulating music. Mobile phones are banned and only your very best friends are invited. You can hygge things up with just one other person or, if you’re really stuck, then you can even have a night of hygge all to yourself! Be happy, be hygge.

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