Size Calculator for Bedcovers


Here's our handy guide which makes it easier for you to arrive at the correct size you need for your custom-made faux fur throw.

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There's not just the length and width of the mattress to consider, but also the amount you wish the throw to hang over each side, the amount (height) of the bedding between the mattress and throw, and the amount you wish the throw to overhang on the sides and base.

The schematic diagrams below will help you understand the variables involved, and you may find it helpful to write down your measurements on these diagrams. All our measurements for manufacturing purposes are done in centimetres, but if you prefer to give your dimensions in inches or feet and inches, that's ok, we are happy to do the conversion for you.

W = width of mattress
B = total thickness of bedding and duvet
L = length of mattress
P = height from mattress to top of pillows
H = the amount you wish the throw to overhang on each side, measured from the top of the mattress (not from the top of the bedding – this just makes it easier for you to measure). This will be influenced of course by the style of the bed – modern Japanese-style beds are very close to the floor, whilst 4-posters are very much higher. You will probably want the overhang to at least cover the divan base, if you have one. Finally, if your bed has a footboard (e.g. a sleigh bed), you won't be needing any overhang at the base at all.

A. Calculation for throw to overhang at both sides AND base

Width of throw required = W + (2 x B) + (2 x H)

Length of throw required = L + P + B + H

B. Calculation for throw to overhang at both sides but NOT at base

Width of throw required = W + (2 x B) + (2 x H) - same as above

Length of throw required = L + P

You may wish to add a little bit extra to the length of you require a bit of “tucking in” at the pillow end and also at the base, if you have a bed with a footboard.

Please note: these calculations and diagrams are for your guidance only and we cannot accept any respon­sibility for incorrect measurements. Custom-made items cannot be changed or cancelled once in production, and we cannot accept returns due to dimensions being incorrect, as the item will have been made specially for you*. We suggest that it is best to check your calculations by tacking up a sheet to the proposed dimensions of the throw and laying it over the bed (with bedding in situ), then make any adjustments prior to confirming your order.

PATTERNED/­STRIPED THOWS are normally made with the stripes/­pattern running down the bed (parallel with the sides) as you stand at the base of the bed. If you require the stripes running across the bed, please be sure to advise when asking for a quote. This can often make for a less expensive quote, as there is less material joining and often less offcut waste.

*This does not affect your rights to return and refund or exchange, in the very unlikely event of your throw being found to be faulty in materials or manufacture, not made as specified, or damaged in transit. We do insist on your written approval of a fabric sample prior to placing your order, and will provide a sample of your chosen fabric free of charge for this purpose, as we likewise cannot accept returns of custom-made throws for the reason of colour/fabric not being as expected.

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