Love is in the Air...

It has been a wet, windy and altogether miserable January and we are hoping that all of you lovely people out there can make February a lot better by celebrating Valentine’s Day. You have got all month long to plan a very special treat for your beloved and we at Faux Fur Throws are going to help you. Make sure you email and tell us if we need to buy a new hat for the wedding; made with faux fur of course!

So, why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? It all stems from an old legend about a priest called Valentinus, who refused to bow to the religious laws of his day and secretly continued giving services, as well as presiding at marriages. For this, he was thrown in jail where he fell madly in love with the gaoler’s daughter.

Granted, these weren’t the best circumstances for a love affair to develop and poor old Valentinus was dragged off for a fatal date with the executioner, with time only to scribble a little note for his beloved. So short, in fact, that it simply said ‘From your Valentine’, which is the phrase we use to this day when sending cards.

We reckon that Valentinus came off pretty badly in the whole affair, though it seems he was favoured by the gaoler as much as the daughter and had quite an easy life during imprisonment. Nothing in his cell could have compared to the comfort and luxury we offer you with our collection of faux fur products however, and your beloved is going to sigh in wonder when they see the furry fabulousness of the world you create for them.

Start with one of our huge, luxurious faux fur throws, which sets the ideal scene for romance. Combine with one of our faux fur scatter cushions and you’re talking instant love nest. As you snuggle together by the light of a roaring fire, present your beloved with the final icing on the cake; a gift from our fashion section. Our Crimson and Magenta Heart Keyrings are particularly popular this time of year. We guarantee that you will win their heart!

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