Fabric Samples

Faux Fur Sample Fabrics – Some Useful Tips

  • The pile on your sample(s) may have got compressed when we send them out in the post. It’s a good idea to hold each one by a corner and give it a good shake to restore the pile. Don’t worry if there are a few loose fibres – we try to remove them as best we can, but cutting up fur samples creates a huge amount of loose fibre, and it doesn’t mean our fabrics shed fur – they will not on the finished article to any noticeable degree under normal conditions of use.

  • The colouration of most faux fur fabrics can be quite subtle. In addition, some fabrics can be slightly light-reflective, so they can sometimes take on the hues of what’s around. So it is really important that you view the samples both in natural daylight, and in the location you intend to use them, using the ambient lighting conditions both day and night. Take them to work to show your friends by all means, but don’t make the fatal mistake of making your final choice under office fluorescent tube lighting – this can seriously distort subtle colours!
  • View your fabrics in combination with the images on our website which will give you a better overview perspective of how the throw looks from a distance. Screen images usually give a better rendition of colours than printed web-pages which are rarely true to colour even with photo-quality printers, though display settings on computer monitors can also affect colour rendition.
  • With patterned fabrics, sometimes the “repeat” can be quite large and it is not practicable to send you a swatch covering the whole pattern, so again viewing the web-page will give you a better idea of the overall impression. Also, the swatch may not give a completely true balance between lighter and darker shades on patterned fabrics where applicable – usually the webpage image is the best guide to how dark or light the overall appearance is.
  • Do remember that your throw will come with a matching quality faux suede backing material (see webpage for details) which will add weight and make the finished article appear all the more sumptuous.
  • If you are buying your throw as part of a total room makeover, it’s often a good idea to make up a swatch board with paints, wallpaper and other fabrics that you intend to use, just to make sure that everything blends (or contrasts) as required.
  • Feel free to trial machine-wash your sample in accordance with our Machine Washing Instructions on our website (recommended fabrics only).
  • If you want more than one item and they are to match perfectly, then it’s best to order them all together. Just like wallpaper and paint, faux fur fabric may vary slightly in shade or texture between batches.
  • Finally, don’t forget to claim back the sample cost when you place your order!

And if it’s not what you were looking for?

We understand fully that sometimes the colours or textures on the swatches you have ordered may not be quite what you had expected. It may be then worth re-visiting our website to see if there are any others that you have missed or considered borderline but didn’t order – if so, contact us and we can usually get a couple more samples out to you free of charge. Please feel free to call and ask for our advice – we are a small business and anybody who answers your email or the phone will know the product range intimately and should be able to help. We do not mind doing so, in fact we would rather you do and make the right choice first time, rather than order your throw and then have to return it. We do so in the knowledge that our returns rate is minimised and extremely low by industry standards, which helps to keep our prices reasonable.

But don’t worry if, despite all the above, you make your selection and order your throw, and for some reason it just doesn’t look right in situ, just return it to us within 14 days for exchange for a no-quibble immediate refund. We value our good reputation and don’t want anybody to be disappointed.

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