Throws Size Guide

We now offer the following size options for our handmade faux fur throws (please note sizes are approximate):

  • Long Bed Runner - 230cm wide x 50cm deep (90 x 20 inches). Now available in all our faux furs. Growing in popularity, its longer width making it ideal for dressing beds or chaise longue. At the bottom or middle of the bed - perfect to add that touch of luxury.
  • Standard Size - Medium 150 x 150 cms (60 x 60 inches). Available in all our faux furs. A very popular size . Great for dressing most beds, sofas, chairs, chaises, camping, car and caravan etc. On Single or Double beds this will cover the bed up to the pillows.
  • Double Bed Size - Large 200cm long x 150cm wide (79 inches long x 60 cm wide 6ft 7inches x 5ft) Avaliable in all our faux furs. Our most popular size. Ideal to cover double beds (this size will cover the bed and up and over the pillows) the perfect size to dress any setting and cosy togwether on a sofa (and turn the heatng down!) 
  • King-Size Bed Cover - 250 x 250 cms (98 x 98 inches). Designed to be a true bedspread (covering pillow area with overhang to all other sides) for the typical UK king-size bed - Available in all our Luxury Faux Furs.Click here to view and order one of these. 
  • Custom-Sized Throw / Bedcover - As we make everything here in our UK studio, we're able to any size specifically to order. Call us on 01255 224117, or email us at: for a quote.



faux fur bed throw

The diagrams below give an approximate scale indication of how our Standard and Long Runner sizes relate to various sizes of UK beds.

We would always recommend that you check with a tape-measure!

Please note the following:

  • Our Standard and Long Runner sized throws are not the same as a bedspread and were never designed nor intended to cover the whole of your bed (including pillow area) with overhang to all sides. If you want a bedspread for a UK King Size bed, we now offer the King Size Bed Cover in certain fabrics which may suit your requirements (though you do need to check and read the notes below please before ordering). Otherwise, we can supply something made to your personalised size requirements in certain fabrics, please see Custom Sized Throws.
  • The diagrams below relate to common UK-manufactured bed (mattress) sizes. European and North American bed sizes are slightly different - see the table below for the exact dimensions. European sizes are now commonly sold in the UK - IKEA beds for example are European sizes.
  • The diagrams show only the mattress size of the bed. The actual amount of overhang to the sides and foot (where applicable) will depend on the amount and thickness of bedding used beneath, and can vary with time of year (e.g. switching from thicker winter duvet to thinner summer duvet). There is also a huge variation in the height of mattress from floor in modern beds, this may significantly affect the amount of overhang you may require. Click here for an easy calculator of the actual dimensions you will need.
  • In the case of patterned/­striped fabrics, the pattern will always run along (parallel with) the long dimension of the throw unless you choose to have a throw made especially for you, please see Custom-Made Throws.
  • The quality Faux Suede backing used in our throws guards against slippage, even if there is not much "overhang"

Faux fux throws bed size

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N. America Australia UK / Ireland Europe / Latin America
Single / Twin 39 × 75 in
3′3″ × 6′3″
99 × 191 cm
36 × 75 in
3′ × 6′3″
91 × 191 cm
35 × 79 in
2′11″ × 6′7″
90 × 200 cm
Double / Full 54 × 75 in
4′6″ × 6′3″
137 × 191 cm
55 × 79 in
4'7" × 6′7″
140 × 200 cm
(US/Aus) Queen
(UK/Ire) King
60 × 80 in
5′ × 6′8″
152 × 203 cm
60 × 78 in
5′ × 6′6″
152 × 198 cm
63 × 79 in
5′3″ × 6′8″
160 × 200 cm
(US/Aus) King
(UK/Ire) Super King
78 × 80 in
6′6″ × 6′8″
198 × 203 cm
(72 × 84 in California King)
72 × 80 in
6′ × 6′8″
183 × 203 cm
72 × 78 in
6′ × 6′6″
183 × 198 cm
71 × 79 in
5′11″ × 6′7″
180 × 200 cm