Washing Instructions

Dry cleaning is the risk-free method of cleaning for all of our faux fur products. However, throws bearing two or three ticks in our Durability and Practicality rating may be machine washed with care, providing that the following detailed instructions are adhered to. Failure to do so will invalidate your two-year guarantee. Heavily stained items should always be dry cleaned.

tick tick tick OR tick tick

Look for items with three or two ticks in the product information matrix on each product page for throws suitable for machine washing.

Suitable Washing Machine?

Check first that you machine drum will take the weight of the throw plus water - remember, a very dense pile will absorb a lot of water and could make the drum too heavy to turn or operate correctly. A good guide is that, if you have to force the throw into the machine and the drum is packed very tightly, it is unlikely to wash effectively - or at all. Launderettes often have higher capacity drums, but please be careful - often these have older machines with temperature gauges that can only be set to "low, medium or high" - the low setting may be too hot for these fabrics. The machines can often be poorly maintained, making their temperature controls unreliable. Hand washing is not possible due to the size and weight when wet. Don't try to wash anything else with your throw - even if you have a very high capacity machine.

Washing Machine Settings

It is not possible for us to specify exactly the settings as there are so many makes and models of the washing machine. However, select a temperature of 30 deg C or less. Err on the side of caution - if you have an older machine or any doubts about the accuracy of its temperature controls, go lower with the temperature. Select also the quickest wash cycle available - the throw should ideally remain wet for as little time as possible. Spin dry on highest spin cycle to remove as much water as possible, then remove from machine immediately to avoid unnecessary creasing of the backing material. So it's not a good idea to go out shopping while this wash takes place - supervise closely at all times!


Use a good quality liquid detergent suitable for machine washing delicate fabrics at low temperatures, and adhere strictly to the recommended dilution rate. Do NOT under any circumstances add fabric conditioner to the rinse cycle, or use a detergent with combined fabric conditioner. Use no strong chemicals such as bleach. Our fabrics have not been tested on stain removing additives for washing machines, so we are unable to indemnify you if their use damages your throw.

Post Machine Drying

DO NOT tumble dry, unless you have a large capacity drum which can be set to "cold-dry" and which will allow the throw sufficient space to dry without creasing the backing. If using this method, remove from dryer before completely dry. In fact, applying any heat at all in the drying process (e.g. hairdryer) can be more disastrous than washing at too high a temperature, causing unsightly shrivelling of the faux fur strands. By far the best method is to dry flat and completely stretched out on a washing line on a warm day - avoid hanging OVER the line which may cause creasing of both the fur and the backing, just beneath it. We recommend the use of a hairbrush to gently coax the pile in the correct direction whilst it is still damp, failure to do this may leave the fur strands clumped together when dry, and trying to brush when dry may cause damage and fur removal.. Any minor creasing in backing will usually fall out when line dried and will usually do so anyway when the backing normalises its moisture content with its environment within 48 hours. Never attempt to iron either the faux fur or the backing!

Any Questions?

We are always available to answer any further care questions you may have. Please email us here, or telephone 01255 475 498 (Outside the UK: 0044 1255 475 498)