Upcycling with Faux Fur

Upcycling has become extremely popular in the past few years as people have begun to focus more on looking after the environment while looking ater the purse strings at the same time! With our amazing collection of faux fur fabrics, you can give new life to old stuff and create unique, personalised items that you will love and love again.

Furniture is the first thing that comes to mind and faux fur can be used to recover just about anything. Old kitchen chairs cost almost nothing in second hand furniture stores and it is really easy to give them a new lease of life by following these tips.
  • First of all, choose your faux fur fabric! We have got a massive selection and this selection process may end up taking the longest time of all!

  • Now, your chair needs a good wash! Make sure to get into all of those little nooks and crannies

  • Now it is time to sand off the old paint. An electric sander would save lots of time but if you don’t have one then it is time for a bit of elbow grease! Get all the old paint off and then give it another wash

  • Choose a neutral colour of paint for the frame as this will allow your chosen colour of faux fur to shine through in all its glory

  • While you are waiting for the paint to dry, get to work on stripping off the seat. If you can reuse the old padding then that’s great but you may find that it has been sat on too many times and needs replacing!

  • Use a thin piece of fabric such as calico to hold the seat padding firmly in place, stapling it down underneath

  • Now take the faux fur, cut to size, and stretch over the seat, stapling it on the underneath

  • Ta-da! Your old chair, previously ready for the scrapheap, is now a beautiful new chair ready for admiring!

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